"I'm a designer, maker,and creative thinker."




Hello! I’m a graphic designer specializing in book design. I have a BFA in illustration and graphic design from the State University of New York at Buffalo. I have been a professional designer and maker for over twenty years, and I dedicated fifteen of those years to book design. Over the course of my career as an in-house designer for Prometheus Books, Seventh Street Books, and Pyr,  I perfected my technical skills and gained intimate knowledge of the publishing industry. Within that role, I designed and produced the covers and jackets of both nonfiction and fiction trade books.

 A book’s cover is what offers “curb appeal” for the stories that are housed inside. It needs to be attractive, smart, and inviting. To that end, design work is most effective when the artist knows and understands her audience. Given my experience designing books on a wide range of topics and genres, I am able to tailor my cover art to meet the needs of readers who vary in both age and interest.  I have designed covers for adult nonfiction, adult and YA fiction, and science fiction genres.

Now I am spreading my wings a bit more while continuing to learn and further develop my skills as I create independently. Freelancing under my own name gives me the flexibility to work with a broader array of publishers and authors, and I am eager for the opportunity to work with new organizations and individuals. Apart from my book design work, I also do occasional custom work for weddings and small businesses. I am proud that my work has been featured on numerous design blogs, including Decor8, Bloesem, Design for Mandkind, and Poppytalk, and it has been published in Uppercasemagazine. 

 I live and work in a little house on a pork-chop-shaped island nestled between Niagara Falls and Buffalo, NY, with my husband, our two beautiful daughters, and a cat and a Weimaraner who are the same color. We are kind of a wacky family, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Coming from a long line of craftsmen and craftswomen, I believe in the quality of handmade and precision work—whether it is digital or physical. I’m also a nature freak who loves animals, organization, and patterns. And I am very much inspired by Scandinavian design, folk art, and minimalism. When I get to sneak away from my regular routine I like to spend my time painting with gouache and watercolor and dive into a good book.