Working hard behind the scenes...

The past few months have been chaotic to say the least. I'm just starting to get myself back to (what I would try to call) norm. We bought a house, one my family built in 1976.

We've started renovations room by room but it will take a very long time to get through everything, this house is very dated. here is a sneak peek at some stuff...

I'm currently working on the studio right now and will post some in progress stuff soon.

I also have some new wedding designs to share, I just have to get around to taking nice shots of them. A fun little extra was doing some handwritten chalk boards for a brides shower, here is a peek.

I'm a bit rusty but I'm hoping to practice a lot more once I get my creative space up and running. I can't wait. There are also some more book designs to be added soon. 

I has been quite the summer, I will have a first grader starting Wednesday and Amelia is already 16 months. Mommyville has been a full-time job along with my real full-time job, juggling things this summer has been very hard and very enjoyable. These two are what keeps me going. I'm hoping to check back very soon with an updated site for you to enjoy.